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Empowerment through involvement

The Funka Foundation carries out research to support inclusion and accessibility for persons of all abilities. We are a not-for-profit independent organisation working to empower persons with disabilities through user centred research and innovation.

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Our main areas of activities

The foundation is active in projects and assignments on accessibility in the digital environment and communication, transport and the built environment. We are active in standardisation, scientific research, innovation, strategic studies and user-driven initiatives.

We believe in enhancing the independence of persons with disabilities through transformation of society – one step at the time.

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From standards to reality

As a member of ETSI, Funka Foundation is actively contributing to European standards. This work is important, but the standards are only tools – aimed to support organisations to become compliant. To make sure your product or service is accessible for real, you need to involve end users with disabilities in development and design.

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Innovation at various levels

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Strategic assignments

We carry out policy-related studies and investigations.

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Research projects

We lead European and national research- and innovation projects.

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We offer training and support on accessibility, diversity and inclusion.

We would love to hear from you!

Does your organisation have a challenge related to inclusion or accessibility? Don’t hesitate to reach out! We believe in collaboration and hope to contribute to a better world.